Character Pieces, Home

Woes of a Wife

“Do you promise?” A fearful voice asked.

“I promise.” Her companion swore.

In a tower overlooking a spiraling luminous city sat a young woman with her knees pulled to her chest. Her long hair hung around her face like a curtain, and in her hand she clutched a silver locket.

Sorrow and helplessness and anger hung around her frozen form like a thick fog.

“You promised me remember?! You promised!” She cried

The woman shifted, resting her forearms on her knees. She stared at the locket, eyes empty and spent from her pain, cheeks stained with recent tears. She ran her thumb gently across the smooth silver surface.

‘Why?’, she asked herself, ‘Why you and not me? It was meant for me. It should have been me.’

“You promised to be with me forever! You said you wouldn’t leave me, hurt me like the others!”

“…You.…. You can’t leave me like this… Please…” The woman whimpered as she cradled his broken form.

She leaned back against the cold wall and waited for the tears to fall once more.

They didn’t.

She almost wished she were still crying. Her gaze swept across the room, taking in the damage she had inflicted upon it in her blind rage. ‘Or angry.’ she thought. She’d still feel something at least. She didn’t like this…emptiness.’

“Stop!” Her friend screamed, loyal even when she was falling apart herself.

“Why?! Why should I stop?!” The woman spat.

“Because it’s not your fault!”

“Yes, it is!” 

She felt cold, and not just in the literal way. How could this have happened? This wasn’t supposed to happen. He’d promised. How could she still be here when he–! She clenched the locket until her knuckles turned white, and then rose.

Slowly, stiffly, she marched towards the balcony and stepped out into the frigid night air. Above, the moon cast down its glow, alighting the white buildings below. For the first time, her home felt foreign and unwelcoming.

“…I…I’m… I love you…” He breathed, eyes falling shut as his heart stopped.

Tomorrow, she would leave. Pack her things and never return. This place wasn’t her home. Home was supposed to be a safe place, somewhere where you are loved and cared for.

It was not supposed to be the reason you lost the one you loved.

Her breath hitched again, and still the tears would not come. So instead, she fell to her knees, choking on her breath as the agony of it all washed over her again. Her ring shone under the silver light, reflecting back in her eye. Again, the horror of her husbands gruesome death– a fate that had been meant for her— flashed in her mind.

How could he have left her alone. But she supposed, there had been more than her own life at stake. Trembling, she raised a hand to her abdomen, gently pressing against the slight bump. News that only hours ago had made both herself and her husband so happy.

The last piece of her beloved. One she would not let be consumed by the enemies of her land..

She sniffed, scrubbing her face and rising once more. Turning, she marched back into the room and began collecting her things. Taunt and determined.

She was a mother now, and God help anyone who tried to take her child as well.

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