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Here We Go Again

He was here.

I felt his presence long before I caught sight of him. Always heard his voice before he appeared. His haunting and beautiful voice that called me to him, even when I wanted nothing more than to run.

A sigh slips past my lips and I take another long drink. I should have known he’d find me, I never could escape him for long. Already past resigned to my inevitable fate, I relaxed against the cushioned booth, dark eyes lazily scanning the club I’d chosen for the night.


And then the whispers came, as they always did. A smile tugged at my lips. He always had to be so dramatic.

I drank, unhurried, for the moment, listening to the quiet echo of his voice, even as the music pounded throughout the club, the floor thrumming beneath my feet. He sang to me, as he always did. Deep voice weaving a tall of the most beautiful and nightmarish things. Purity and horrifying sin dripped from his lips in equal. A song I loved and hated with all my being.

Then it grew louder, like he was right next to my ear. Again, I swept my gaze through the club, but still, no sign of him. Finishing my drink I hailed a waitress just as the ear-splitting music faltered, speakers skipping with static. Unbothered, I paid for the drink, reclining once more as the young waitress shuffled off.

Suddenly, the music was cut abruptly, immediately replaced by his voice.

Finally, he appeared, stepping out of writhing shadows only I could see, voice booming in the ensuing silence.

He looked the same as he had the first day they met, when I had been young and foolish enough to fall for him. Unsurprising, considering what he was. Perfect and unchanging as stone. He searched the crowd, whom had all stopped to watch him, mesmerised by his voice, yet he moved directly towards me.

He continued to sing, oozing pride, and then those eyes fell upon me; his inhuman dark eyes. Immediately, a smirk stretched across the man’s face, and at last, I stood. I swayed towards him, a sinister smile on me face, eyes molten as her emotions fought for dominion. My feet, unprompted, moved in time with his voice until finally, we met upon the deserted dancefloor.

His smirk grew, flashing sharp blinding teeth as he, still singing, grabbed my hand and pulled me flush against his warm body.

Then, we danced.

Beautifully and gracefully we glided across the floor. As if we had practiced this moment for years, which wasn’t far from the truth.

I smiled, placated for the moment in the knowledge the song was for me, and me alone.

When it was over, he was holding me, back pressed against his chest, heartbeat calm and soothing, unbothered by the exercise. His head hung, breath warm against my ear as he whispered;

“I have a job for you, love.”

“When do we start?” I breathed.

His laugh echoed into the night as we vanished in an instant from the club. Leaving the crowd dazed, shaking their heads as they tried to remember the last few minutes.

And as always, they would remember nothing but a sweet song.


2 thoughts on “Here We Go Again”

  1. Thank you for returning. I apologise if you found yourself bored. I currently don’t have a consistent update. I will try to deliver new content as often as possible, but some days I just won’t have new stories.


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