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Kai : Judgement

Take a breath.


Empty your thoughts.


One… Two…Three…

She opens her eyes, her horrifyingly beautiful eyes; one dark, one light. Her gaze lands on the figure before her, down on his knees, in chains, dragged before her.

He shakes and screams at her. His words fall like lead, poisonous slurs first, then gradually, they switch to helpless pleas. He tries to appeal to her, tempt her, threaten her.

She says nothing. She never does.

She can never be swayed.

She meets his eyes, their gazes lock, and she sees him. She sees all that he has been. All the good and all the bad. She tilts her head, much like a curious bird and narrows her eyes. He flinches under her power, unconsciously knowing here is nothing he can hide from her.

She blinks and releases him. He gasps for air as trembling takes over his limbs. He knows what she has seen, and he is afraid.

He should be.

… Four…Five…Six…

She moves down the stairs, her heels click against the stone, her armor clinks together softly as she moves. Her skirt brushes gently across her knees. Her axe is heavy in her hands.

The man shivers and tires to shift back, though it is a fruitless effort. She can hear his heart beating wildly in his chest as she stops before him. Her stare freezes him in place as the guards move away.

… Seven…Eight…Nine…

She pauses and takes another breath, her grip tightening around the axe’s handle and suddenly she wants to tell him to close his eyes. To dream of another place, to not make her see him. Instead, she swallows the weak comfort and says;


… Ten.

Quicker than the eye can follow she raises her executioners axe, bringing it down before he can utter a sound. She watches with dark eyes, face a blank canvas as she removes his head. Following her weapons motion, she turns before the body hits the floor.

She hears it anyway. The dull thump echoing in the still room.

Centuries of routine stop her from flinching or crying out. The body is swiftly removed before the next being to be judged is brought in. She settles back upon her perch and breathes.

Her axe weighs even heavier in her hands.

When the next soul comes she begins again.

One… Two…Three…


(Note: This is a character from a novel I will eventually write. She may appear in other pieces on this site. Hope you enjoyed it.)

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