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Sidra: Guardian of Space, Star Forger

(This is part of a small series of Character pieces I will be writing. The first was Kai: the Judge. These are characters in a story I will hopefully write in full one day. Enjoy.)


She loves the stars.

Of course, she loves them; she created them. Forged them with care between her fiery hands, chose their components wisely, and sparked life into them. The stars that shine and burn in the heavens are her children, and what mother could not love her children?

She wonders sometimes if the Others love their jobs as much as she does. Not that it would matter, but still, she wonders. She is always wondering. Her mind is a galaxy, continuously swirling with ideas, creations blooming into being in her minds eye.

Her home is her forge, with its unrelenting heat and endless supply of tools and materials. She lives to create; to break and build, to shape the world with her visions, and so spends most of her time working. Having little need for sleep and rarely venturing out, unless called for.

With swirling lava at her feet, her shinning creations above her, endless possibility falling from her fingertips; what could be better?

Her world is tense now, unfortunately, and though she dares not speak her thoughts aloud, she questions her companions, her Lord.

The Goddess of Chaos is bound, unable to personally influence the beautiful world she and her companions watch over. The sickening creature will never escape, she’d made chains to cage something twice as powerful as her Lord.

Oh, her agonized screams had been sweet. The wretched thing deserved her fate.

There had been no love lost between her and that woman, but she bows her head in shame anyway when her Lord’s unexpected rage turns on her. But she understands; while she had clearly done the correct action, she had not consulted him, and that was disrespectful.

But still, the looks her companions send her; Karma’s icy stares, Warren’s piercing gaze , she does not understand. Do they not know how much better it is with that monster gone? But the worst the worst are the looks she gets from Kai.

Sweet wonderful Kai, she looks at her with pity. Her mismatched eyes are sad, and though she visits often, still laughs and plays in her off time, a rift has grown between them. Much of her time is devoted to visit the caged creature, ones she can’t believe anyone is allowing.

She comes back to reality to find herself smothering a new star. It flickers in her gloved hands and she frowns. She sighs, turning it over and finding so many imperfections.

So, she smothers her creation, barely listening to its dying cries, she smiles as it fades, and begins creating a new star, promising to pay more attention this time.

She feels better now, her thoughts clearer, and she calms herself with the knowledge that as all things do, this tension too shall pass. Like her beloved stars, her companions misplaced feelings will fade, and they will be whole and better with her intervention.

After all, to create, sometimes you have to destroy.

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