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Warren: The Gatekeeper

He watches.

That is all he ever seems to do.

Watch. Guard.

He rarely leaves his post, for good reason. He is the Gatekeeper of the Universe after all, tasked with attending the doorways of the multiverse, making sure they are never disturbed, never left open to cause unimaginable damage to reality.

He has spent millennia amidst the doors, alone holding the keys to unlock them all. Few know his name, even fewer know his face, shrouded by the darkness of his hood, horrifying and sharp features hidden beneath his armor and cloak.

He wonders if the other Council members, if anyone would care if he simply stopped doing his duty. Of what would happen if her just… left.

Would it matter?

The thought is shaken from his head almost immediately. He knows, objectively, standing guard, watching and aiding when necessary, his work, is important.

Even though all he seems to do is walk his routes in long periods of silence, the monotony broken only when he must chase off heroes and villains alike. He often lets them preach about their “missions of great importance”, but rare are the ones he lets through. He sees no difference in the mortals, good or bad they all end up the same. With him, cleaning up their cosmic messes.

He wonders what the end game is. He wonders if he should voice his opinions more, so rarely speaking. Would things change, could the past have been better if he spoke up? Would the Others have listened?

He shakes his head again. No, they probably wouldn’t have, and if they had, it wouldn’t have changed the outcome.

Once more he is shaken from his negative thoughts as he senses another being approach.

He places a hand upon the blades at his belt, wondering who he will have to chase off this time, but removes it just as quickly once he recognizes the presence.

It is only the little Judge. He smiles under his hood as she skips towards him, bright and cheerful despite the weight she carries. She always listens to him, even when he says nothing. She knows him without words, knows them all, and for that she is always welcome.

She smiles up at him, dispelling his dark mood once more. He knows she won’t stay long, she never can, but he will treasure these brief moments as he always does until she returns once more.

Because she will return, this he knows.

He smiles in the darkness as her sweet voice fills the void. His job is important, for if he can keep even a little bit of darkness away, he can keep her smile. He resumes his trek with her at his side and standing taller.

For his little sister, he will remain vigilant.

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