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Kara: Karma, Lady Luck

They say; what goes around, comes around. That every action has a consequence.

They’re right, of course, but not every little thing causes a large enough… fuss, to warrant my direct presence.

The law of cause and effect is clear, and has become such a staple, that I never really have to personally intervene. Only in special causes, but those moments are rare.

They call me unfair. That I grant favor to a few lucky ones, that’s not far from the truth I suppose.

I do pay more attention to others, but not because I ‘favor’ them. Those who invoke me, often find they wish they hadn’t.

I am not fair, my work is not just, at least, not in appearance. My work, equally appreciated and not, does not need to happen, it has not existed since the beginning, and has only become necessary because people decided I was necessary.

I am a neutral force, I exist to maintain balance. Nobody likes a neutral force, unless it benefits them.

But I must confess, watching mortals beg and curse my name is… interesting. It makes me feel, and as an unspoken deity that can either make someone’s day or ruin their lives, fleeting moments of emotion are all we have to look for.

That is our condition. All of us Gods, we see ourselves above everything, which we in fact, are. We influence the world, mold reality at our whims, and we rarely stop to think about the little details.

We are powerful, eternal, and dangerous. The only difference, is that some of us notice. And, I suppose, that can sometimes be a problem.

I notice. I judge and calculate, and I care.

Which is what lead me to here. Walking the earth, pretending nothing has changed when everything has. Fighting Sidra, comforting Kai, and watching my Lord strain under the balances pressure, his other half forever out of reach.

And for the first time, I find myself fearing the consequences that will follow our actions.

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