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Melchior: Lord of Order

He wishes he could feel as the Others do, as she does.

He does feel, contrary to what most believe, but his duty holds little, if any room, for emotions.

He is very embodiment of Order, he exists to create and keep order in all of reality. He doesn’t have time for feelings, he has to keep the universe balanced. He must be a level-headed fair judging leader, for the Council, for her. He cannot afford hesitation or second guesses.

But sometimes his companions forget that he was not the first of them, that he was never meant to lead alone. They forgot that for Order to exist, there has to be Chaos to oppose it. To question and push, to help forge the path to something better.

(They forgot that he needed his other half.)

He doesn’t quite remember when he became hers. He doesn’t think it was one particular moment, he thinks it happened slowly; that she chipped away at his soul until she had made a space for herself. Then, like a snake, she’d coiled gently around his warmth and held him like she needed him to live.

(He forgets the truth is she does, as much as he needs her. They have always belonged to each other.)

He feared sometimes that he was not good enough for her, that he had hurt her by waiting so long. Because she had loved him from the moment they’d met and would have continued to love him even if he never returned her affections.

(His own still seeming so small compared to hers.)

Then, she was taken from him. Forced from his grasp, a piece of his soul leaving with her.

He remembers the darkness, the pain, the severing of their connection.

Her imprisonment was the first time he’d felt rage.

How dare they defy his authority, sentence her without his knowledge, without fair trial. But, the damage was done, and he could do nothing to free her. Never again see or touch her.

In the darkness of a room she had called theirs, he broke; thoughts swirling violently in his head and one, like an assassin’s dagger, one stuck in his armor; if he had been better–stronger, could this could have been avoided?

In time, like all things, he moved forward. Continued his duty, led the Council, pushed back against the pressure he would normally share. He refused to crumble beneath the Balance.

His duty was more important than his feelings. Once again, he grew cold, edges she would have smoothed stayed sharp, and he cast aside anything that had nothing to do with Order or the Council.

He couldn’t afford to fail again.

(Especially when there was no one to catch him if he were to fall.)

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