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Echoes in His Head

If there was one thing Adam hated more than anything; it was silence.

The room he’d woken in was small; all four walls bright white, every inch unnaturally pristine. His breathes were loud in the space, and his nostrils burned with every inhale. The result of obnoxious amounts of disinfectant.

He wondered what would cause them to use so much. What had stained the walls before to require so much bleaching?

A shudder trailed up his spine, causing bumps to rise on his exposed skin. He shivered and shook his head, trying in vain to shake out the morbidly curious thoughts that crept forth. He took a breath, swallowing heavily and shuddered again as he tasted copper. He gripped his knees tighter, dropping his head between the aching appendages as one last question echoed in his head.

Was he going to die here?

Teeth tore through cracked lips as Adam swallowed the unwanted laughter. He took another breath and closed his eyes, straining against the burning behind his eyes and the hysteria that paced in the cage of his ribs.

He wished there was a clock, or windows. How long had it been? He couldn’t tell by thirst or hunger, it had been quite some time since he’d had a proper meal. He smiled, and a bubble of bitter laughter escaped, and then, the rest spilled out before he could lock it down.

What a sight he must make; a lone young man sitting alone, shirtless in a blank cage, laughing his head off. Eventually, the laughter morphed into choking sobs. Adam’s eyes prickled with tears, but he refused to let them fall. He would not give his captors the satisfaction.

Pain, sharp and hot pulled at his side, and he bit his tongue as his stitches pulled. His bruised ribs protesting in time with his roaring pulse. Briefly, he wondered why they had bothered tending to his wounds. The implications left him shivering once more, or perhaps that was because of the hands threading through his hair.

Adam raised his head, and he choked again. His sister smiled, pale lips tinged with blue, and continued to run her frigid hands through his curls, as she had done so many times when they were young.

He sniffed, dropping his head once more and squeezing his eyes shut. Refusing to take in her grotesque appearance again; he’d already committed it to memory.

Her translucent unnaturally pale skin that had once glowed with life. Eyes that now resembled the unmarked depths of the ocean, and silken dark hair that he had loved to braid and play with. Hair that now eternally dripped water, clinging to her like her stained dress.

He begged every deity he could name to end him too, he dared not hope for a savior.
Fire flared in his gut and he cursed his captors for their success, and those who had come before. All the men and women he had been forced to send to early graves. But most of all, he cursed his sister.

His lovely beautiful sister, who had been stabbed and dumped into the waters they had swam in their youth for reasons he could not comprehend.

She hummed, a lullaby learned from their mother, and his wall broke. Adam sobbed, weeping for the sister he had loved and hated and lost.

Why couldn’t she just leave him alone?

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