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Warren: Doors and Keys

A void, endless and oppressive filled the shadowed corners and ‘ceiling’ of the Gatekeeper’s Halls. A terrible force that had claimed many a mind, leaving many to rot and turn to dust– forgotten within the Halls seemingly endless depths. It left not a soul unaffected, even if one did manage to traverse safely–except of course, for the large silent sentinel known only as the Gatekeeper.

The Guard to the Multiverse. He alone held the power to unlock the doors leading to infinity, and none passed without his notice or consent.

He was the only splash of color in this bleak world. A flash of muted gold that held his shadow-ridden form, face forever hidden beneath the darkness of his hood.

Through these Halls he marched, ever vigilant, stopping only when duty forced him to …. speak with any unlucky being caught within. And truly, he only did so to spice up the monotony of his eternal work

Ah. And here comes another.

Again, the colossal deity paused, cloak swirling around his armored boots as he turned to acknowledge the young adventurer sprinting towards him, his companions huffing as they rushed behind him. Unheeded by the heavy ornate armor that had clearly seen better days, the head adventurer stopped before the Gatekeeper, craning his head, his eyes blazing.

He called up to the giant, obnoxiously loud and proud, not even sparing his lagging companions a glance.

Beneath his hood the guardian sneered, fanged teeth grinding unnoticed by the arrogant mortal as he began weaving his tale — elegant though his words, the guardian knew how to read between the lines of such flowery speech. Golden hellfire eyes burned out of the shadows as the Keeper scoffed, and though the sound was nearly silent— all heard regardless, and the leader’s voice stuttered into nothing.

Nothing— like the words spilling from royal lips. The man, though he had made it far, owed his glory to his worn and loyal companions. Good souls who deserved a far better fate.

But that was not his decision, and they had made their choice.

“Here me, mortals,” Spoke the Keeper, voice booming, echoing through the frigid air despite his quiet tone. “Your actions and sacrifices come to naught. I hold the keys to the door you seek, but I will not give them to you, nor will I open them for you.”

The group broke out in fearful words– begging for his aid, for his understanding. All except the leader, who’s jaw was clenched, his armored hands curling around the hilt of his sword.

The battle cry that had built in his throat was cut short as the Gatekeeper, with one swift seamless motion, removed the mortal man’s head with one of his curved silver blades. Scarlet splattered across the polished floors, the party members all frozen in horror. Then, as one, the moved to avenge their comrade.

They too, of course, met the same fate.

The Gatekeeper sighed and returned his beloved blade, shinning and unstained, to the hilt at his side. Curling his cloak back around his figure the guardian summoned the Judge’s knights.

The hollow possessed suits of armor appeared with haste, collecting the bodies and souls before departing without a word, leaving the section floor beneath his feet just slightly more pristine than the rest.

With another sigh, the Gatekeeper resumed his trek, silently hoping the next group would be more interesting.

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