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Semira: Violet Entropy

Tonight was a good night.

Tonight, the Goddess of Chaos walked the streets.


High above, a shadow of a figure, swirling like a current, Semira danced across the tops of buildings. Stone cracking beneath briefly existing heels, claws reaching, half-formed to scrape at the metal.

Nothing permanent, of course. She didn’t want her fun to end early.

A bubble of laughter fell from a cage of fangs, shaking nearby windows. Smirking, wide mouth stretching unnaturally, the shifting cloud rose higher and higher, before finally claiming a form.

A woman, tall and lithe, clothed scantily in sparking violet armor, her hair, disregarding gravity, curved upright in spikes. Her clawed gauntlets clicked against the metal tower, one booted leg wrapped around a beam as she hung off the side. Semira sighed happily, smoke pouring from her dark lips, flickering with violet embers.

She grinned, enclosing the smoke in her hand, before crushing it and revealing a neon pink sparkling gem. Its eyes, because of course it had had eyes, blinked up at her.

She giggled, pressing a hand to her lips. Then, she turned her gaze heavenward and scowled at the twinkling stars above, bright and perfect. Semira groaned, how could humans choose to watch such a dull stagnant sight for hours?

Semira grinned, flashing pearly fangs, and with a flick of her wrist, the spectrum of light clashed violently, painting the dull dark void in a myriad of explosive color. A pity the mortals below couldn’t appreciate it. Speaking of….

Slipping from the building, Semira fell, laughter echoing as wind rushed past her. Throwing her arms out, she shut her eyes, and a moment later, hit the ground.

She hissed in delight, stretching like a cat amidst the cracked earth, amused as she stared up into the confused and frightened gazes of the gathering crowd. She posed as cameras snapped, though she knew no one could see her, and considered making herself appear in the photos. She hummed for a moment before dismissing the thought. Though their reactions would probably be hilarious, she’d get in trouble, and she had no desire to start a new boring argument with Sidra.

A sneer crossed her lips, causing Semira to fall back into formless smoke, rising once more. You’d think someone closer to her own alignment would get along, but NO. The Forger just had to make it difficult, and not in the fun way.

Semira huffed, smoke spilling out once more, only to be reabsorbed as she flew. Her eyeless gaze drawn to the mortals below. Happy and secure.

Suddenly, she hated their laughter.

Shifting once more, Semira fell on the edge of the town, the earth cracking like glass beneath her heels. She raised her hands, and violet lightning erupted from her fingers. Immediately, explosions erupted, powerlines sparked violently causing more fires to rise and windows to shatter. Screams and sirens filled the air, and Semira closed her eyes, savoring the sound.

“I thought I’d find you out here.” Came a booming monotone voice. Semira smirked and turned to meet her companion.

“Where else would I be?” Melchior said nothing, instead turning his frigid gaze towards her work.

“What did they do that warranted your wrath?” He asked, coming to stand next to her, shoulders straight, hands behind his back, pretentious as always. She wondered not for the first time why she loved him so. Outwardly, she scowled, crossing her arms.

“Does it matter?” She snarled, Melchior turned his head, but she cut him off before he could utter a word. “Yes, I know you think it matters, but I’m not you.” She hissed, hands burning as she curled them into fists. “I am Chaos!” She screamed, pivoting from him and marching a pace away, demonic eyes flaring. “I don’t need a reason to do what I do. I do whatever I want because I can.”

“I know.” He whispered. She turned and found him right behind her, cape fluttering in the breeze. She heaved for breath she didn’t need, refusing to look him in the eye. Silence rang in her ears. She didn’t need to look to see Melchior had undone all her trouble.


“But there are rules, and regardless what either of us thinks, we have to obey them.” The wind rushed, and when she blinked, he was gone.

She screamed. She dropped to her knees and slammed down her fists, leaving small crimson stained craters in the sand. Her screams tampered off to sobs and then hysterical laughter as she fell back, hands curling around her arms, digging groves into her flesh.

She wished it were his hands cradling her, making and breaking her with passion. But it wasn’t, and it would never be, for that, would be breaking the rules.

So she lay alone in the sand, revealing in joy and disgust at her own uncontrollable emotions.

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