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Lovely Breaking

“How could you?” I said, voice colder, calmer than I expected, eyes burning. “How could you kill them?”

She said nothing, her crimson lips curving up so delicately in a smile I had loved for so long and so much.

I knew her answer, and found myself bothered by the lack of shock.

I stared and found her to be just the same as the day before. As all the days before. Stretching all the way to the first time I saw her bathed in that backdrop of golden light, an angel I’d stared up at from my scrapped knees. So perfect, so fragile compared to me and my steely gaze, my chipped edges.

Had she always been so cruel? Had I simply failed to notice? Or had I seen it… and just chose to ignore it?

Then the question came, thunderous in my ears; Could I have saved her?

No. My mind supplied. Sounding far too much like my beloved.

Well, there was no choice now, was there?

I moved, and painted the ground with my broken heart.

The splash of crimson was loud in my ears, everything all too much and yet not enough. Wasn’t adrenaline such a funny thing?

Then came the pain. The agony of my own knife in my chest. The one she’d given me, ornate and so breakable, not a combat weapon. Just a pretty thing to look at.

I’d kept it sharp anyway.

I smiled, saltwater washing down my cheeks as I collapsed before her, my angel, my devil. The knife clanged in the ensuing silence.

Oh how beautiful she looked, smile falling, perfect mask cracking. I could almost hear the sound. The terrible wonderful sound of a soul breaking.

Then her hands reached, grasping, slipping across the lifeblood spilling, pooling beneath. I smiled, coughing. Tears fell from her own bright eyes as she attempted in vain to stop the bleeding.

After a few moments she stopped, and smiled. A broken twitching gesture, and laughed, shoving herself violently to her feet, shaking, nearly slipping in the pool. She covered her face with her hands, trembling, smearing red. She stepped back, and back, and back

And then she fell off the roof, a screeching hysterical laugh, or maybe it was a scream, falling from her lips.

Weak, vision fading, I dragged my self to the edge, choking and spitting red all the way. But I was nothing if not determined. So I fought, inching my way, before throwing myself over like a ragdoll.

Yet again, I followed my angel.

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