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A Cats Eye For An Eye

“Oh?” She purrs, fangs flashing in the flickering firelight. She tilts her head, black hair falling across her shoulders, clawed nails tapping against the gilded armrest of her golden ornate throne. “And what will you trade me? What will you give for such a… treasure?”

The man snarls, baring useless blunt human teeth. Muscles twitch, but he makes no move, can not, with the Goddesses servants holding him down. So he clenches his jaw, quivering with rage on his knees before the creature who had stolen his child.

The Goddess in question smiles lazily, hiding her teeth behind dark lips. Behind her, massive dark wings, shimmering with diamonds, flutter. She was beautiful with her feline appearance, silken ebony fur, tall and curvy, plump and slender in all the right places. Wrapped in pale cloth and golden armor– she certainly looked divine.

“I’m waiting.” She sings, and still, the man does not speak. She huffs, rolling amber cat eyes and slumps, head falling into one propped up hand. “She really must be nothing to you if you cannot even speak on her behalf.”

At this the man snarls again, curses falling from his lips, sharp and venomous.

Finally, she thinks. A reaction. He’d begun to bore her.

“You would dare–!” He cries, eyes burning with a terrible internal flame. “You— who stole my only child, from me?! Without cause, I should not be the one kneeling.” He opens his mouth to continue, likely to reiterate words she’d already heard, but she cuts him off.

“I stole nothing.” She says. Voice cutting through the air, colder than the void. Her eyes narrow, a piercing glare leveled at this mortal.

How dare he demand anything from her. How dare he play the victim

She rises, and her halls fell silent as she descends from her pedestal, heels falling, nearly cracking the marble beneath. She marches, a vision of vengeance, and once she stands before the man who had dared to enter her domain, who had threatened her and her people– she flares her wings, casting the man under her shadow.

From this close up, the man realises those are not gems in her wings; they are stars.

How dare you.” She hisses, frigid air falling from her lips. The man shudders, puffing smoke. “You will not play the victim here you bastard. You speak of right? What have you done to earn even your child’s passing glance?” She growled, claws flexing at her sides. “I should make you beg for her forgiveness.”

“Forgiveness–?” The man sputters, anger surging briefly before the Goddesses gaze snuffs it out.

Real fathers do not strike their children. Real fathers do not belittle and work them till they drop and then demand more. Real fathers would not blame their child for a mother’s death.”

“It is her fault–!”

“SILENCE.” The Goddess howls, eyes flaring with frightening light. Fires burst, filling the hall with wave after wave of inescapable heat, nearly blinding the man and startling her servants.


The man whimpers, sweat and tears flowing steadily down his face.

Then, one of her ears twitch, and just as suddenly as it began, she stops. Huffing for breath while the man, pale as a ghost, trembled and wept silently before her.

“I will no longer fail in my duty to bring justice.” She sneers, wings twitching. “But… I will not be the one to decide your fate.” With that, she drops her wings, and behind, stands his daughter.

She looks so small, swathed in a beautiful white dress that hangs off her small skeletal frame. Her dark hair hangs limply, skin practically glowing it was so pale, so drained of life. Yet still, her eyes were bright, so hopeful, even shimmering with tears.

“…She will decide your fate.” The Goddess declared, her tone leaving no room for argument.

There was a moment of silence as this world held its breath.

And then, the child made her decision.

It was not a hard one.

Her father, her tormentor, screamed and thrashed as her was dragged away. Only when the chamber doors slammed shut did the girl breath. Then, came the fear, the disbelief, and finally tears of relief.

“This may be a place of judgement, but it is also a place of healing.” The Goddess says softly, resting one large warm hand on the young girls shoulder. The child looks up, trembling, hazel eyes blown wide. “Should one be worthy and desire it.” The child sniffs, rubbing her boney hands across her eyes.

The Goddess, who had raged countless wars, who was the chaos of battle, an unstoppable divine force, knelt before the mortal and offered all the power at her disposal without hesitation.

“Do you want to heal, little one?” The girl, still rubbing futilely at her eyes, nodded, head jerking violently. With a gentle smile, the Goddess took up the child and with a flap of her wings, disturbing the swirling galaxies that shone on her feathers, she whisked her to paradise.


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