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Song of Time

She sang of monsters and the horrors of what dwelled in the shadows. Of unimaginable creatures hiding just out the corner of your eye. Tones of pain, sorrow, and longing you felt, like a beating thing in your chest, more than heard.

But at the same time, she spoke of hope and love. Of light and protection and a promise that you’d never be alone. Of impossible dreams becoming reality and mans greatest and strongest fears being torn down and cast away.

She sang soft and loud, fast and slow, angry and serene. She spoke words of encouragement that would fill you with a sense of belonging and purpose. Poisoned you with forgotten wishes, forced memories of your worst moments on you, broke down the walls you’d raised in your mind.

Never ending and ancient, brand new and always ending too soon. She sang an ever-changing song, that somehow still remained the same every time.

This is Her song, and my song and your song. This is the song the universe was born with, the tune you will never be able to mimic, and never forget. The song that fills your very soul with life until your fit to burst. An echo you’ll follow until your last breaths.

That is the song of time, and Time, is its voice.

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