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I Am Here

Sometimes, when things get low and terrible. When the darkness creeps in, its icy claws of death scraping across our floors and windows and the hollows of our bones, and its all so horrible — sometimes, it gets better.

The world can be cruel, but it can also be terribly kind and bright and wonderful. It can be that gentle sun, kissing our skin as the breeze caresses, opening our eyes to see how much more the world can be outside of our small corner. Like baking cookies with your loved ones or taking photographs of a storm. Or the loud thunders of voices during a holiday or party.

Yes, there will be days that hang off your back, heads weighed down by sorrow we dare not surrender too and exhaustion from long hours toiling away, but — but! — those are just the boring days in-between.

Remember there is tomorrow. There are days where you will laugh until tears stream down your face, days where you can’t breathe because your throat and lungs have been filled with joy and love, days where the universe tells you; “Yes. You can be happy.”

You are allowed to smile. You are allowed to cry.

And you are allowed to love these small, silly fictional worlds and characters.

I do.

Because there are stories that are written by silver-tongues and unspoken gods that reach within the cages of our ribs and fill our grey hearts with so much life and color — it gets hard to imagine a before.

I am here. We are all here. To live and love and be broken and rise up like phoenixes, because we are so much more.

We are powerful and wonderful and chaotic and confusing. We breath life into impossible ideas and create life from nothing but the energy spinning in our brains.

We are… people. Living on a silly little blue planet, with things like cats, coffee flavoured chocolates, splashing through puddles, and ink covered paper to take us far away to worlds unknown and still be back in time for dinner.

We are here. And things will be okay, even when they don’t seem like it.

So why don’t make the most of your sunny days?


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