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An Expanse of White

The air crackles around them, sparked with vibrant green and magenta lightning. The ice beneath their feet minutely shifts with the displaced excess energy, but thankfully does not give.

Snow swirls. A cape whips in the wind, dark and ragged, curling like a second skin around one of the two only living beings for miles. He is tall and dark, limbs long and jagged, tipped with claws flickering with magenta, face hidden beneath a darkened helmet.

The sun beats down, light refracting off the expanse of white around them, around the second person, leaving blinding glistening streaks. Tall, but still head shorter than her opponent, vibrant green hair whipping around an grey skinned face pocketed with markings and three small silver scars.

They stand merely an arms length away, close enough to reach out and touch, but also far away enough to move; doge and run and brace themselves for —

For what?

Neither knows. All they know is that here and now, they must make a choice. An important choice. But they remember nothing more than that.

Neither turns, but out the corners of similar dark and bright eyes, they see fractured glaciers rising from the depths, water sloshing gently against the snow. They see scorch marks pocketing the ice, dark mountains skirting the edges of this battlefield, hulking shapes that seem to curl towards them.

And two ships, sleek and smoking a distance away. Smoke curling into the air, one cockpit smeared with blue blood, trailing towards a nearby corpse dressed similarly to the man.

As if on que, both parties wince, eyes widening in tandem, sharing the same memory.

(Screaming and racing through the dark abyss of space. Smoke clogging lungs, the piercing sound of laser fire growing louder and louder —

Pleads falling from gasping lips, words rushing over each other. There’s not enough time.

Had there ever been enough time?

Tear falls from her eyes as his shoulders shake. They clutch hands, finger intertwining, grip almost painful as the ship, the ship filled with her beloveds former comrades, friends who were going to kill them. Who were going to rip them apart for daring to try. For loving the enemy.

And then they were falling.

An expanse of white rushing to meet them, and then —

Then darkness, and confusion. Voices rising on the wind — the hull suddenly and violently breached —

A clash of metal. Blaster-fire.

A splatter against the ice — )

They blink, and blink again, and then stare.

Then they move, nearly crashing to the ground as they meet half-way. They clutch at armor, hands clawing at hair and cloth. The woman sobs, pressing her trembling face into her beloved’s frozen chest.

The man uses his height advantage to curl around his partner, helmet clanking against one pale-armored shoulder, pressing harder, closer. She presses back, claws scraping against his spine, limbs trembling as she gasps for breath.

Then she shoves him away, but before he can ask, can be upset — her hands are curling around the clasps holding his helmet, nearly tearing it off, before throwing it to the side where it falls harmlessly into the snow.

Then she stops. She stares, pupils blown wide, smile stretched almost painfully across sharp cheeks. He returns the gesture, dark eyes blurring as he flashes sharp teeth, blinding against his dark skin. Then she slams into him, and this time they fall against the ice, her hands curled around his head and neck.

He looks up and mimics the beaming hazy grin.

They are free.

They are free.

They are free.

Their lips meet, and they make the choice again.

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