You Are…

Do you have any idea how important you are?

You are so very important. You’re a streaking ball of cosmic energy and limitless potential, a star not falling because you have failed, or because you were weak, but because that is how you will get to where you need to be.

You are a raging inferno, rushing past and rising above, tendrils ever-reaching for the sky, for beyond what you can see. An ocean, filled with secrets and small flitting creatures; your thoughts and dreams to protect, your opinions and goals that have teeth and stingers, weapons of promise you will carve into the bones of your words.

You are the shimmering string entangling groups of people that never would have met without your influence, that never would have grown and found themselves in this one specific way. You were the tipping point, the last step that brought out that glory, and it is so beautiful to see them shine, be so much better for having met you.

You changed minds, tempered souls without realising it. And though many have come and gone, the ones that remain pulled in by your unique orbit; those are the treasures you were meant to keep. And if they fade with time, that is fine too, remember them, but do not mourn, for you have done all you can for one another.

Shed the darkness, unless it is kind. Take no cruelty, for it rusts your blade just as much as your enemies. Let worries cascade off your shoulders like rainwater, leaving a chill on your skin, but with the knowledge it will be replaced with warmth.

Those memories will stay with you, love you and push you forward, make you stronger than you ever imagined. Look back and realise how far you’ve come and recognise how far you can go. You have your whole life before you, make it as wonderful as you desire. Build your castle, fall in love with yourself and others, know that you can be great, and strive for that bright future.

Never forget, never doubt that you are important. Love yourself, cast off the chains that weigh you down, revel in your accomplishments, small as they may sometimes seem, learn from your mistakes, apologise when you need to but be not afraid to protect and stand up for yourself and those you love.

You are important, the world knows it, now it’s time you realised it.

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