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Never Alone

People think there are times, when the world gets quiet, when the dark folds over like a heavy blanket dotted with insignificant pinpricks of light, burning remnants of long since lost ghosts, that they are alone.

And under this, they cry and grieve, they consider themselves untouchable, inconsolable when the days blur into nothing but a repeating scratched record of bad news and pain, both tangible and not.

There is nothing wrong with feeling alone, with wanting to be by yourself. But it is important to keep in mind; none of us are ever truly alone. Your tears and worries are made to be shouldered together. None of us are Atlas, standing, trembling under the impossible weight of the world eternal. We are not made to be alone forever.

We are iron and stardust glimmering in the night, we shine like beacons, and there will always be others glittering just the same. Spinning and bursting together, searching for the dissonance in the air. To find it and heal, weave those pinpricks of light back together. Differently perhaps, but together none-the-less.

We are bleeding hearts and goose-bumped flesh. Salt streaming from the windows of our souls, staining our cheeks pink while the fires in our ribcages demand to be felt. We are blue and red and green and shades of black and grey.

And when we let out those gasping sobs, clench our fists until our knuckles turn white, hurt and ache and let those emotions hallow out our insides, fill our heads with cotton before dragging us deep into the dark. When we feel so alone — they will be there.

The burning ghosts of stars, the crickets serenading into the night, the gentle caress of the wind, the warmth of a well-worn blanket draped across our shoulders, the thrum of distant trains rushing across the rails. They are there to sit and wait with you for those terrible and unfortunately necessary feelings to wash away into the new golden day.

Even if there is no one to hold you, to wrap you in that secure warmth of childhood, they remind us we are not alone.

The world will still be here when you recover, for it loves you unconditionally. Letting you run across its emerald fields, climb its ever-rising and twisting limbs, swim in its depths, kiss your skin with gentle multicolored petals.

Remember, always, that you are never alone in your sorrow, that the world will always be ready with better tomorrows, with golden sunrises and glittering sky’s of deep navy blue.

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