Fantasy, Home

Cackling Shadows

“Oh, the cackles ring out at night,

Promising dastardly mayhem and fright.

A man and a woman, are a coming,

Swinging his axe, her scythe, you better start running.


Fair he once was, this madman,

Now he sings and laughs while he executes his sinister plan.

Lovely once was she, this broken doll,

Now she cackles and dances while swinging her scythe, ready to maul.

So beware the forests and ruins at night,

And the streets not so ringed with light.

For they are coming, the couple with jack-o-lantern faces,

You’d best heed my words, if you wish to escape their chase.

If you want to keep your head,

For they are coming for you, and won’t stop till you’re dead.


But if you wish to avoid her madness, his blade,

These guidelines you must follow unafraid;

Play him a tune, a song born of the terror in your heart,

And he’ll skip you by, for he respects this musical art.

For the lady, offer up your best moves,

And she’ll leave you be, for she is fond of attempts to groove.


If not, well then my friend,

You won’t see the next sunrise, another story with an abrupt end.”

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