Character Pieces, Home

Mingling Elements

As scorching as a blaze and as warm as a gentle flame. As flexible as the ever-changing waters and as deep as the ocean. As swift as the wind, and as fierce as storms. She was Goddess of it all.

But her beloved, oh, he was a God of earth. Of stone and soil. Steady and ever slowly shifting, providing, protecting, and destroying all that lived upon his domain. Where she was expressive, he was firm in in stance, remaining the same. Yet no less as caring, as loving.

They loved each other dearly. Her with words and wild joy at every treasure he presented her with, no matter how small.

Him, with gentle smiles and his heavy presence, always there, always willing to reach for her, hold her. They explored the world together, happily, enjoying the journey, not caring of their destination.

True, their arguments could ravage the land; landslides, floods, bursting volcanoes, terrible storms that scored the earth, but they were far and few in-between. Fights were minimal, insignificant in the grand scheme of their relationship. Together they would mend the land again, and end their days still whispering words of love. Their trust never to be broken.

And it never would, even as the decades passed, they grew, like vines across stone, and they intermingled. Producing two children to explore their world with similar joys. A go between, to love as they loved each other.

The eldest; with the urges to run, to explore, but instinctively, she remained still. Her soul was of wind and storms and crashing, swirling water, but her body was made of fragile flowers. She could take the fire, but could not keep the flames alive. She was adventurous in mind, loving as her parents, but so very afraid to abandon the familiar.

The youngest; burning at her core with protective fire, her heart as fragile as flickering flames. Her skin carved from sturdy stone, vines and flowers bursting across her body. Yet as flexible as water. She was loyal, excitable, and loved all but the cruelest of creatures. She was clever, and learned at her parents knees, the way to build and create.

Together, the four set themselves upon the world, exploring, creating, dreaming up tales, and bringing joy and life to all that lived below and above them.

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