Character Pieces, Home

Waiting for Sunrise

It was quiet. The Golden City was silent, a strange occurrence, but not an unwelcome one. Sitting at it’s edges, feet dangling over the cloud layer, she was the happiest she had been in a long while. She had time to herself, she had time to breathe and think.

She leaned over, careful to keep her balance, wings fluttering gently behind her, casting her gaze below. Wondering if anyone would notice if she just…. let herself fall. If anyone would care if she spread her glorious wings and sailed over the heads of the mortals below, unseen, leaving behind a trail of warmth, a staple of her and her kin.

She hummed, wings rising, feathers puffing. A wind brushed through the soft white feathers — and they settled back down. Better not, she thought. Leaning back, lounging against the cloud, pulling her dangling heels up.

For a moment, she just watched the stars above, their distant shimmering light reminding her of her brothers and sisters, of her beloved Creator. She huffed, eyes fluttering close.

Why had things gone so wrong? Why had they rebelled? Left their warm golden home, left her? She huffed again, angrier, beautiful youthful face screwing up. She sat up, pressing her knees to her chest, the pale strands of her hair dangling in front of her face. Not that they did much to obscure her vision, perfect as it always was and would be, as she stared down, watching the sun rise below.

Below. Her thoughts were so often on the below these days. Below; the darker place, a crueler place, a place that had tempted and now held her kin. She sighed, eyes prickling, not just because of the blinding golden light rising into the sky, still below, still beneath her home.

Her gaze dropped, falling upon the creatures returning to the waking world. The animals, the blooming flowers, and the beginning huddles of humanity. The creatures so like them, but so different. Fragile and free. Bound to the earth, yet freer than she would ever be with her wings.

Brilliant gem eyes widened, briefly, their light calm again once she blinked.

A smile pulled at her lips, and she let it come, brightening her face. She shut her eyes again, breathing deep, wings rising with her chest.

Everything would be well. Everything that had happened may have not been pleasant, but it had to be done. They were bound as well, her fallen kin had simply tested the limits of those bounds, and been found wanting.

Life was meant to move forward, to change, to grow. But we are limited, her sibling had said. Her golden anchor, her fallen brother. Humanity is not. Perhaps we may be able to grow like them, but not here. Not as things are, our home is stagnant. We need different, continuous change to move forward, and maybe, just maybe, this rebellion will give us that change.

She rose, wings fluttering gently, carrying her swiftly back into the city. Her eyes turned sharp, set to a goal that may be dangerous, but one she was set to all the same. If she failed, if she fell, perhaps it was meant to be. And maybe, humanities creation was the best idea for herself and her kin.

She wondered if those earth-bound positions had been filled yet.

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