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Crimson And Emerald

Crimson and emerald. Scorching flames and creeping, consuming green. That’s what they were.

Atop a throne, carved of marble and gold, sat a couple. A mountain of a man, all muscle and dark eyes, dressed in red and white armor, cape cascading down his back, lounged against the lavish stone. Across his lap lay a woman, all curves, eyes as sharp as the fangs prickling her lips, pale supple flesh wrapped in green and black fabric, her skirt dripping down, intertwining with her husbands cape.

Crimson and emerald fabric, pooling beneath, running across the base, and down the steps. Like the blood painted across the floors and walls, still dripping, filling the air with it’s heavy metallic, deathly scent.

The woman laughed, sinister and without mirth, and caressed her beloved’s chest, nails catching on the groves set within the metal. Then leaned up, curling into her lover’s neck, her breath hot against his throat, and whispered sweetly;

“What shall we do next?”

What was there to do next? They had conquered so much, destroyed and subjugated so many lives. They had built an unstoppable bloodthirsty army, made of monsters both found and crafted from their own design. There were, after all, no shortage of people to experiment on. Oh, how their screams and cries had spurred her on. And in turn, her interest had spurred his.

Then, when they had sated their hunger for land and blood, they built an empire. Spiraling golden and white cities, whole planets were changed, terraformed, millions of buildings drawn up from the fresh soil. Works of art ordered and designed by him. And oh, how his creativity inspired her.

She drenched her works in his color, brilliant shades of vermillion, crimson, rose red.

While he carefully painted her beloved color across his, set emerald, jade, forest green.

And now, they sat amidst their hard-won grandeur. Thousands of soldiers at the ready to press forward and claim at a single command. Scientists and explorer and medics, ready and waiting to set their sights on a new project at the drop of a hat. They had millions of citizens that loved them, worshiped them as gods. They had more power and control than any other creature in the universe. What more could they want?

The man dressed in crimson paused, set his gaze above, and saw the dazzling sparks of stars, of planets they had yet to set foot upon. They had an entire galaxy to themselves — but it was not enough. Would never be enough, they both new that. Even laying in their shared lavish throne, they thrummed with energy, supernovas in their prime, waiting, like predators, for their next hunt.

He dropped his head, smirked at his Wife, his Empress, and pressed closer, lips barely and breath apart, and said;

“Whatever we want.”

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