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Raze (i.e. – completely destroy)

She stands above them all, unseen atop the roof of this Empire’s most grand palace. She sighs, beyond bored, and leans against the cold stone of one of the palaces columns, arms crossed. Listening as the air is filled with the sweet sounds of laughter and joy. It is a lovely night for a festival, she has to admit. Even as her chest churns with yet to be unleashed wrath.

This immortal creature wonders, as she often does in these quiet moments before the storm, if it would be better for her to leave. To take her power and the chaos that follows at her heels, and spare this one place. Spare the death and destruction that will befall the unsuspecting population below. After all, they had done nothing to her.

But then again, no one had ever done anything too her. No one could. She is always the one who kills and breaks, the one who dances with the flames and sings, her voice buried beneath the canopy of screams as she paints her flesh with blood.

Oh, those wonderful screams. Those tears of anguish and anger. To watch so many souls drown in horror, sorrow, and hate as they perish. To know that she is the cause of their pain, their meaningless gruesome deaths — oh, was there anything better?

Was there anything more wonderful than to raze a civilization to the ground? To feel the ground quake and buildings crumble and shatter under her power? To watch the flames rise high as smoke made the air toxic? To skip through the streets and drench herself in blood?

To have your name spit out through clenched teeth like a curse — to have your image degraded and drawn as a source of fear — to be the image someone conjures when they are asked to picture something they hate. Something horrible and terrifying — she strives to be that. To be chained to the word raze. How could anything be better?

How could she not find these moments of peace boring? How she despises the sound of joyful innocent laughter. How she hates those smiles and caring touches. Hates the peace and happiness of the people below. How dare they be so content and comfortable and —

The bell within the clocktower rings. It’s grand chime echoing through the air, hiding the beginning tremors. She smiles, this chaotic being of destruction, and steps into the dimming light of the moon.

She rises into the air with a dancer’s grace, just as gasps of shock begin ringing through the crowd below. She looks down, and sees the understanding begin to dawn. Sees those once happy faces go pale, those bright gazes fill with horror. The screams that great her ears as the ground shatters beneath the feet of her unsuspecting victims makes her want to sing. But she holds her tongue. Best to save her voice for the climax of her performance.

It is only a pity no one will be left to remember the glorious havoc she will wreak. Perhaps she will leave one of these mortals alive, just so someone can tell the latest chapter of her story. Or perhaps she won’t. It matters little in the grand scheme of things, she supposes.

After all, everyone will witness her power sooner or later.

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