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2 Publications!

Hello Dear Readers,

Another update on another two publications. Below you will find a link to the online magazine The Showbear Family Circus that accepted my story “Bleed Till The Last Drop”, as well as a direct link to the story itself.

Website: The Showbear Family Circus • Lancelot Schaubert’s and Tara Schaubert’s liberal arts circus. (

Direct: Bleed Till the Last Drop • The Showbear Family Circus (

Thank you for reading! Please check out the other stories, artwork, and poetry they have to offer!

And here you will find a link to Arthropod Literary Journal Issue 1. “Chase Me Down, Traveler” is my contribution. Check it out and support this new magazine. Physical copies are available for purchase!

Link: Submissions Open | Arthropod Literary Journal

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