Character Pieces, Fantasy, Home


Was it strange that it didn’t bother her? That she was so aware and certain of who she was and her place in reality? That she knew what she had been born for, could say those four words with an ease that disturbed the people she met down to their soul?

“I am a counterbalance.” The force that held her elder brothers together, that would step up and slide easily back and forth between their light and darkness to keep the scale balanced. To keep the multiverse balanced. Malleable to what needed to be done. Unflinching in the face of any task. Loving both the stares and smiles of awe and gratitude, as well as the glares of anger and the hollow looks of horror. She smiled for both, though her grins were different.

Why did it bother them so much when she said the words aloud? Was it because she could take their places when they faltered? That she could harm one moment and heal the next with the ease of a shifting tide? Was it because if one of them fell, she would take their position, no matter what anyone else thought or said of it? That she didn’t have a choice? Did it bother them that the lack of choice didn’t bother her?

Did they think she did not love her kin? That she wouldn’t do everything in her power to make sure she would never be needed? She loved her siblings so much, equally so, even if it didn’t make sense to anyone outside the three of them and those her siblings called their own.

Her brother Moon; dark and terrible, Lord of Nightmares and Negativity. A cruel mastermind, cold and full of sickening joy for whatever horrors he had to commit. A blackened fallen God. Her brother Sun; bright and impossibly kind, King of Dreams and Positivity. Warm and soft, unwavering in his desire to help, no matter the cost to himself. A golden God shinning brighter than his namesake.

And then there was her; Eclipse, their counterbalance. Neither a being of light or darkness yet powered by both. The weight that kept her brothers from breaking each other. Clever and quick, easy to talk to yet dripping with secrets. A goddess with the capacity for the worst cruelties and most wonderful kindnesses. Who knew her brothers better than they knew themselves, despite the centuries separating them. A Goddess who wanted to be wanted, not needed. Eclipse prayed so often that she would never have to fulfill that part of her purpose, even if she would do it without complaint. The balance of reality was more important than her personal feelings.

…Was that why it bothered them? That she disregarded her own feelings and autonomy? But she wasn’t so important, not more than the whole of reality. The one was inconsequential in the face of thousands, millions. She was a placeholder, an understudy. She was not meant to be the leading role, and it had never bothered her, would likely never bother her. Eclipse knew who she was and her place in the reality. She did not question it, there was no reason too, she had all the answers she could ever want. She did not fight it, for what would have been the point?

Eclipse was a counterbalance, and she desired to be nothing less, nothing more. There was nothing to question, nothing to guess. She knew exactly who she was, and wasn’t that what so many sought for? To know your place, know who you are and what you where put here for? So why were her kin so concerned for her certainty? So terrified and angry by her firm declaration?

Eclipse sighs, bothered by the one answer that eludes her. Perhaps she was not meant to understand why, perhaps such knowledge was beyond her. Eclipse shakes her head, rising from the ground, dusting the dirt and grass from her cloak. She leaves this quiet place she had once called home, the place of her birth, before her brothers came for her. An empty field of tall swaying grass, dotted with flowers, marked by a singular tree. Large and twisted, bark colored a vibrant gold and deep black with pale leaves.

She has work to attend to. A balance to ensure.

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