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Off-Kilter Counterbalance

“…Am I allowed to fall in love?” Eclipse asks, her voice near-silent against her brother’s shoulder. Moon says nothing, he has no words, no answers this time. His little sister trembles against him, awaiting judgement, awaiting an answer she doesn’t want. A truth she already knows.

Can she fall in love? The current swirl of emotions dominating her soul seem to say so. Eclipse had certainly never had any trouble with all forms of platonic love, the steady stream of affection she gave to both Moon and his twin near-daily offered no room to argue. She had friends, made them far too easily in Moon’s opinion, given how it she was capable of frightening them off just as easily. Eclipse had family with them and those Moon and Sun had taken in. The crews they each called family in turn, the men who stood loyally, in shade or sunshine. But that wasn’t what Eclipse was asking. It was not a matter of could, but if she should.

Moon wants to tell her Yes. Yes you can love and be loved in return. Go and be happy, damn the rest of reality. He wants to tell his sister — his wonderful and powerful little sister who holds too much on her shoulders — that she can do whatever she wants, long as there is a willing partner — but that would be nothing more than a sweet lie.

She is their counterbalance. Bouncing between dark and light, sweet and sadistic. Unpredictable, uncontrollable. Born into a life meant to be lived moment to moment, drowning in her emotions and those spilling from the souls around her. Bound to serve the balance as he and Sun were. Except she was bound to answer the calls of both sides, and what would happen if one day, she had to take either his of Sun’s place? If she had to abandon half of herself? What would the one she love do? What would happen if Eclipse were forced to take his place? Drowning in the dark and negative spectrum?

No, his dear sister can’t have a partner. Can’t let herself fall in love. No amount of affection could protect her chosen love from her darker urges. For she would just as joyfully tear apart the source of her affections as she would smother them in kisses. No, Eclipse could not let herself fall in love, not when laughter and screams sounded so similar to her on any given day.

Moon says nothing in the end, only holds his trembling sibling closer, pretending he can’t feel those wets drops. That he can’t hear the catch of her breath, can’t feel her nails dig into his skin. That he can’t hear his little sister’s heart breaking because what would it matter? There’s nothing he can do. Nothing any of them can do.

(Companion piece to “Counterbalance”)

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