Character Pieces, Fantasy, Home

Differing Opinions

He said –

She said –

“I wish you were different.”

She said – “What are you afraid of?” Eyes damp.

He said – “This is my domain.” Hands trembling.

He twisted their reality. A self-made god.

She forgot. He wished he could.

She smiled again. It burned.

She remembered. Her mind splintered. Suppressed memories.

He did not apologize. She screamed. His silence was louder.

She said – “Unmake me.”

He said –

She smiled, and drew her line. A waterfall of red across her throat.

He held her, blaming everyone but himself.

Time rewound. She breathed. She remembered –

And she broke. Her puppet strings snapped.

Empty eyes stared back at him. He could not let her go.

Did it matter that he was sorry?

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