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I Walk These Tunnels Blind

I walk these tunnels blind. Tasting dirt and dust with every breath. The smell of must and damp earth filling my nose.

Am I truly blind? Are these earthen halls so devoid of light that sight is not even a possibility? Or are my eyes the problem? I can no longer remember. Am I blind? I remember being able to see, had that changed? I don’t know, but one day I will have an answer. Once I leave these tunnels for daylight above. Because there has to be a way out. There has to be sun. There is more to my life than travelling this cloying dark, empty labyrinth. Right?

I walk these tunnels blind, feeling along a wall that twists and turns but never seems to end. What else is there for me to do? Save lie down on the muddy floor and wait to be buried. Consumed by the damp earth, decomposing, my organs and bones made into feed for the flora that must be birthed above. Going on to feed the creatures that wander in the light, blind to my sacrifice.

How long have I been down here? When was the last time I slept? Would I even know if I had? Trading one darkness for another, would I dream of the sun, or my tunnels? When was the last time I ate? Drank? Hunger and thirst seem so distant, I am not hungry or thirsty. How much time did I have left? How long must I travel these tunnels searching for —

What am I looking for? I’ve been searching for a way out yes, but there’s been something else. Someone else. Who is it? I try to picture them, but I see only flashes of color. A tall silhouette. An unfinished sketch of a person. I have forgotten.

How, how could I forget? The very thought makes my skin crawl. My heart pounds, a chill slithers down my spine. I stop. I try to remember. My eyes burn; tears, or did I forget to blink?

Who am I looking for? They’re important, I know, but in my aching brain, all I see are the tunnels, a hazy picture of the sun, and this unfinished sketch of what might be a person. They are down here, I know, but why? Had they fallen into the same trap? Or had the person I want to find trick me into this terrible place? My heart aches. It doesn’t like the idea of betrayal.

I walk these tunnels, perhaps blind, perhaps not. Drowning in earthen darkness, unanswered questions whirling in my head. I walk, I search, and I wonder if I will ever find my answers. I wonder if I will ever leave these tunnels.

I keep walking.

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