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Collapsing Inferno

She is an inferno. Rolling waves of scorching heat, turning all around her to charcoal and ash. Her flames, those swirling, twisting bright colors that had once been contained within her humanoid form, surge forward and away. Growing, consuming, destroying. She is sensation, rising higher and higher, choking the air with smoke.

She’s losing so much of herself, but she’s already accepted the consequences of her decision. It’s her time, she has no fear of what lay beyond for her collapsing soul. The time for control and restraint is over. It’s finally time for her to burn.

No longer does she need hands to grab and hold, legs to carry her, or a face to express herself. She has no voice, but she thinks, in her haze, that words aren’t required. They will all understand, they will all burn and die to her fire. Slowly and painfully, like him.

Her sorrow rises up for a moment, flames drawing in, but she has no throat to cry, no hands to hold herself. Still, she screams as best she can, a hissing crackling cry that urges her flames onward. Go, she cries. Go and burn them all. Burn it all to ash. If I am to fall, you are all coming with me. She burns brighter, hotter than she ever has before. She feels the crumbling scorched bones of her enemies, and she roars.

Elementals never go quietly, her mentor and caretaker had once said. It was why no one ever wanted to be around when they died. For as their souls collapsed, out would pour their element, out their entire being would pour. When an Elemental dies, they become a raging disaster. She thinks of his warmth, his control. She hopes he can forgive her for leaving him so soon.

She can’t remember his name, her beloved mentor. Can’t picture his face, nor the faces of her friends. The heat consumes everything, even her fear. Her individuality fades, until all that is left is a last spark of sorrowful justice. They had killed her friend, her closest friend. Her poor chosen brother. His body had been so cold. He wasn’t ever supposed to be cold, not with her around. She hopes he isn’t now.

With the last of her sight, she turns her eyeless gaze to the sky. She reaches up, desiring to touch those distant dots of heat, and then. Then she is only another soulless fire, burning out of control.

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