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Beneath The Winter Sky

She loved the lights decorating the homes of the town. Strung over branches and railings, painting the glittering snow in a rainbow of colors. She loved walking the streets, a tradition since she was young, taking in the childish glee of the decorations, joy so strong one could practically taste it in air. And he loved to indulge her.

He may not have been all that fond of the cold, who was really? And the walk was sometimes long and tiring, the catalyst to aches he’d feel tomorrow, but he wouldn’t trade their wanderings for anything. He loved strolling through the winter night, arm in arm, watching her. Watching how her eyes shone, lovelier and brighter than all the fairy-lights. Cheeks red, lashes somehow always dusted with frost.

How could anyone find something to judge in her youthful smile? Those ecstatic words spoken in a hush, like they were children trying to avoid getting in trouble. How could someone look upon her and not fall in love?

You would think watching her was his favorite moment of the night, it wasn’t. That would come later, when they finally returned home, intertwined beneath the sheets of their bed. She’d lay her head upon his chest, tucked safe and warm, slender fingers tapping the beat of his pulse against his spine. They would lay there and breathe. Just breathe. Pressed as close as their bodies would allow, the ghost of her smile against his skin, and he would fall even more in love with her as they fell into dreamland.

But that simple joy would come later. Now came the walk, the watching and pointing. Her gasps of unfiltered childish joy, her judgements about who decorated their house the best. It wasn’t always their own, but sometimes it was, and every year he tried to make their home the best. If only to catch a glimpse of that tearful smile, so blinding and beautiful. Wars could be halted by that smile.

He kissed her pink nose, relishing in her gasp before sending her attention to the next house. “Look Love,” He says. “They have little reindeer figures.”

(Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Dear Readers!)

(Especially to Linda and Garry.)

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