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Friend of Green

She sits in the branches of a great winding tree. Ancient, yet as green and beautiful as a new sprout. The tree overlooks a glen inhabited by small woodland creatures. Birds fly overhead, singing sweet tunes to the woman who lives and watches over the glen. Insects buzz and flutter by. Squirrels and mice and… Continue reading Friend of Green

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Double Published

Hello Dear Readers, It appears I've been published under my awareness again. I apologize for not keeping up with my publishing's as well as I should. One was apparently sent out in December; "Violet and Gold" on Olit Magazine. I'm really proud of this story so I hope you get the chance to check it… Continue reading Double Published

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Publication 22

Hello Dear Readers, I have been published on The Yard: Crime Blog. Take a look and check out their stories, including my own "Courting Beautiful Darkness"! You can check them out through the links below, as well as Facebook, LinkedIn and Medium. Link to Site: Link to My Story: Thank you for reading!